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Once upon a time, if your brows were patchy , hairless or gappy, there was very little you could do to create beautiful, full brows without making them look unnatural. Until now..

Meet Microblading – Because bad eyebrows flatter no one

New microblading techniques can enhance the appearance of your  eyebrows without that blunt, drawn – on look. A semi – permanent pigment is scratched and deposited into the skin using fine hair – like strokes using a handheld micro – blade.


Microblading work for you if:

  • Your eyebrows are sparse
  • You need more depth of colour
  • You want fuller brows that don’t look drawn on
  • You need shape correction (but you’ve got no hair to work with)
  • You’ve lost brow hair due to a health issue
  • You’re tired of filling your brows in manually every day
Microblading usually lasts 12-18 months depending on your skin type, sun exposure and exfoliation treatments.
Your brows will fade naturally over time as your body metabolises the pigment. Expect to see a 30-50% fade from the initial treatment.

Microblading relies more on artistry than using a tattoo machine, making it superior to previous tattooing techniques. You can create tiny, individual hair strokes by hand that look indistinguishable from the real thing.

Using pigment instead of ink has many benefits. Depositing standard tattoo inks into the dermal layer’s capillaries and nerve endings can make the process far more painful, cause more bleeding and permanent hair loss due to damaged follicles. Microblading pigment, by contrast, is delivered into the basal cell membrane just above the dermis, avoiding these problems.

In regular tattooing, there’s also more chance of ‘ink bleeding’ and tell-tale block tattooed brows with blurred outlines. Over time, the ink tends to turn blue or red. The pigment is easier to control and fades naturally, requiring touch- ups every 12 – 18 months.

There’s minimal pain. We apply numbing cream before and after your treatment, which takes up to two hours in total. Your brows might feel hot and minor swelling is normal for a few hours. We’ll ask that you follow a basic care routine immediately after your treatment. This includes wiping your brows every 15 minutes to avoid crust build-up from lymph secretions, which, if allowed to form, will cause your eyebrows to fade quickly and unevenly.  
We’ll also give you an after-care balm to use for 7 days to keep the brow line clean and dry. Try not to get the area wet for a week and avoid excess sweating, washing or swimming.
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