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“Everyone I see is different, and I like to spend time taking in the smallest details about you – your personality, your face shape, your eyes, the symmetry of your face and expressions – to develop a beauty solution tailored just for you.” – Natalie


Because bad eyebrows flatter no one.

New microblading techniques can enhance the appearance of your eyebrows without that blunt, drawn-on look. A semi–permanent pigment is scratched and deposited into the skin using fine hair–like strokes using a handheld micro–blade.

Brow Shaping

To craft the perfect arch, our brow masters work with your natural eyebrow shapes to create an exquisite look that’s all about enhancing your natural contours. We’ll consider you face’s size and shape, the line of your nose, the lilt of your brow bone and your unique eyes to make you look your very best.

We’ll carefully wax, tweeze, and correct your colour, or expertly fill your brows using the latest beauty technologies.

Colour Correction

Colour is key to composing a well-balanced brow. We often experiment with different hair colours over our lifetime but rarely remember to adjust our brows to suit. However, lightening your hair or changing to a warmer colour tone can have a significant impact on your brows. Your Highbrow master shaper will take your skin tone, hair colour, eyes, mouth, and nose into account when determining the right eyebrow tinting colour for you. Then we’ll apply a special tint to bring back depth and definition to lighter lashes or balance out your colour by changing the tone or lightening your brows.

Keratin Brow Infusion

Keratin is infused into the brow to relax and tame thick and wiry brow hairs. The eyebrows are tamed and will sit flush to the skin. Allowing for correct shaping and colouring if needed. You will no longer feel the need to remove or cut hairs that dont want to behave. Allow 30 minutes for this treatment. 60 minutes if adding to a brow shaping and colour treatment.

Eyebrow Lamination

Brow lamination gives the effect of a full fluffy brow. The use of keratin changes the hair follicle structure, increasing hair density, making brows fuller; at the same time making hair more manageable and less unruly. 1 hour service in studio.

Lash Lift

Curls and lifts lashes making them appear fuller, darker and longer. Last 8-10 weeks. 1 hour service in studio. 

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